Politics & Cable Television

When I was growing up, cable television companies forced consumers to pay for dozens of channels they didn’t want, in order to get a couple of channels they did.

Our political climate is now exactly like that; and, it’s a problem.

If a person supports lower corporate taxes then they must also oppose abortion. Being in favor of gay marriage requires a staunch advocacy of open borders.

How are these issues related? The answer is, they’re not.

As a society, we have allowed ideology to trump ideas.

We have forgotten the inherent value in friendly disagreement. We are forced to stand on one side or the other of a chasm of our own making.

What has happened to the concepts of peace and unity? Why are we fighting amongst ourselves?

Someone once asked the Indian philosopher Ramana Maharshi, “How should we treat others?” He answered: “There are no others.”

At what point will we stop this absurdity?

The political bundling of ideas has created an environment where nobody wins.

We all lose.

Consumers caused the market to provide on-demand, à la carte options (Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu etc).

Perhaps a similar change is coming for our political landscape.