My Facebook Friends Purge & Requirements for New Friends

Recently, I have gone from having 4,000+ Facebook friends to fewer than 1,000. It took me about 4 months of un-friending groups of people almost every day. I didn’t want to just arbitrarily delete people. Since my purge, my entire Facebook and social media experience has improved 10 fold. This has also improved my actual social life. Who would have thought (sarcasm)!

Here is the criteria I use for my Facebook friends:

  1. I must have spoken with every single person I’m friends with, either in person or over the phone. If a person can’t take at least 15 minutes so we can get to know each other, I won’t be connected with them on FB or anywhere else.
  2. We must be able to mutually benefit each other. I don’t mean monetarily. There a lot of ways people can mutually benefit each other. Sometimes this is business related — most often times it’s not.
  3. My Facebook friends must be respectful of each other, when commenting on my Wall. Sometimes I post controversial thoughts on hot-topic subjects. If people can’t play nice, they won’t be my friends.
  4. Every Facebook friend must be a source of either joy, education or stress relief. If a person is a source of stress, that’s the quickest way for me to know that I need to make a change.

That’s it. I’ve been using this basic criteria for a couple of months now. It works wonderfully. Try it for yourself and see.