Your future will either be shaped by circumstance or you can choose to shape it.

Did you know that the most successful, influential and inspiring people in the world all share one thing in common?
They have discovered their creativity and use it to do what they once thought was impossible. You can do the same.


Creativity is not reserved only for the great artists of our time. 

Creativity lies within every person. 

The trouble is that very few people ever discover their creativity and use it to do what feels impossible.

What if the most successful, influential and inspiring artists, entrepreneurs, thought leaders and change makers in the world gathered together to share their stories of defeat, triumph and how they use their creativity to do the impossible?

Amanda Slavin (Global Citizen & Life is Beautiful Festival Producer)

Jeff Raider (Co-Founder of Warby Parker & Founder of Harry's)

Spencer Ludwig (Trumpet Player in Multi Platinum Band Capital Cities)

Adam Braun (Founder of Pencils of Promise & NYT Bestselling Author)

Taryn Southern (Youtube Sensation, Actress & Comedian)

James Altucher (NYT Bestselling Author & Former Hedge Fund Manager)

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Hi. My name is Joshua Jordison and most people call me JJ.
We're going to go deep, right from the beginning.

From a very young age, I was the type of person who didn't like to play by the rules. My parents tell me that I used to insist on changing the way board games like Monopoly and even Life were supposed to be played. I wanted to make up my own rules. Maybe you can relate...